[amsat-bb] Epic Failure at DN20

Kevin Deane summit496 at live.com
Sun Sep 18 11:17:04 PDT 2011

So just for gossip sake....Long story short the 6 Meter beam with the G5RV Jr. came crashing down on top of the satellite array of all places. So that takes out my chances for any Magic Band contacts this trip, the 2-Meter beam is functional, so I might try and fix the stand for that and try some SSB Birds. The 70cm beam came out unscathed so I still have ears, I have been goin in with a magmount so thats all good.
The more than one grid thing seems like a real pain so I am just pullin over off the road like I did this morning. Honestly in my opinion you can only be in one place at time anyway!
Looks like we'll be here for a couple more days at Jim's property, DN21 is right up the road and we'll hit the others on the way back. Anyway most everyone should get some grids if they need'em!
No matter where you go there you are!  :)



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