[amsat-bb] Re: ARISSAT telemetry - no kursk frames

Burns Fisher burns at fisher.cc
Thu Sep 15 10:50:06 PDT 2011

Don't I recall correctly that the Kursk experiment requires an entire orbit
of data?  I think I heard this in t context of low-power operation had to
keep Kursk running.

But in any case,  now that the battery is history and we only get power
for the non-eclipse part of each orbit, I'd think that would mean that Kursk
is not doing much.  I don't know what the IHU should do with the Kursk tlm
in that case, but 0 is not unreasonable.

Burns, W2BFJ

> Subject: [amsat-bb] Re: ARISSAT telemetry - no kursk frames
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> Mike,
> Had it just come out of eclipse?   I have seen no Kursk frames when it just
> came on just after eclipse...I think the Kursk Experiment isn't running
> quite yet, so no frames to xmit.
> So yes, I saw this yesterday :)
> Also, to confirm W5RKN---I have seem some "all 0" frames too...you can hear
> hear it on the audio actually :)
> Mark N8MH
> At 08:23 AM 9/15/2011 +0200, you wrote:
> >Hi all,
> >I had a 1 deg pass this morning and could grab 18 telemetry frames (!).
> Interesting was that I received no one KURSK frame.
> >Can someone confirm this?

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