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I have a Flex VU5K, and it is coming along nicely as a satellite rig.  It is
fun, and even useful, to be able to look at the ARISSat-1 downlink.  You can
copy telemetry while watching the transponder passband to see if anyone is
on.  On Fo-29 and similar linear birds, you don't need to tune around
looking for other stations.  They are just there.  Click, and QSO!

The Flex can respond to the Kenwood TS-2000 CAT commands, mostly, so it
works with SATPC32 and HRD.  There are a few loose ends not implemented, so
you need to set a couple of things manually which would be set automatically
with a real TS-2000.  However, there is nothing which prevents you from
using the Doppler control, etc.  No doubt the rough edges will be fixed over




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I have successfully built and operated my G59 transceiver with GPA10 10W 
amp (http://www.genesisradio.com.au/) for 40m JT65a contacts to VK2, 75m 
voice contacts in the States, and everything in between.

At some point in the past, some group (TAPR?) had a 2m SDR transceiver.  
I have no idea where that information might be.

Does anyone here use SDR for their satellite operation?  Maybe using 
Flex radios or something else?  I don't know that it would matter on the 
FM birds, but it would be nice to be able to see the spectrum on the 
linear birds.

Joel - W4JBB
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