[amsat-bb] G5500 and LVB tracker interface

Carl Rimmer W8KRF w8krf at w8krf.net
Sat Sep 10 09:19:09 PDT 2011

I agree 100% with Mark on all his points.  I use LVB tracker with a 
G-5400B and switched to the MAX232 chip.  I was experiencing very 
annoying RFI which I determined was coming from the LVB Tracker.  
Changing from USB to MAX232 all but eliminated the RFI.  I still 
experience some RFI from the computer itself.

I was using HRD Sat Tracker but was experiencing problems with Doppler 
correction.  When I switched to SatPC, I am right on now.  Once I 
learned all the nuances of the program, I find it to be the best of all 
I have tried and I have tried them all.

BTW, I just experienced my best ever pass of ARISSat-1.  I was able to 
copy 51 frames of telemetry and Kursk data.  It was an 80 degree pass 
from the SW.   The battery voltage seemed to be up a bit from past 
passes.  Still no transponder QSOs however.  Tried a few times without 
success.  I wish I had my mast mounted pre-amps up there.  Soon 
hopefully but probably not in time for ARISSat-1.

*Carl W8KRF*

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