[amsat-bb] VUCC RULES

Kevin Deane summit496 at live.com
Wed Sep 7 18:42:49 PDT 2011

(e) Stations who claim to operate from more than one grid locator simultaneously (i.e., from the boundary between two
grid locators or from the intersection of four grid locators) must be physically present in all locators to give multiple
locator credit with a single contact. These stations should be prepared to validate their claim. For a mobile station, this
means parking the vehicle exactly on the line or corner. For a portable station, this means that the total area occupied
by the station's physical setup, including operating position(s), power source(s), and antenna(s), must occupy some
portion of each of the two/four grid squares simultaneously. Operators of boundary/corner stations should be prepared
to provide evidence of meeting the simultaneous occupation test if called upon to do so. Two photographs -- one
showing the placement of the GPS receiver in the station setup, and a close-up legibly showing the GPS reading –
are typically needed as evidence of compliance. Video footage showing an overview of the operating site and then,
uncut and in real time, zooming in on the GPS display coordinates is even better
(f) Grid boundary lines and grid corners must be established using a GPS receiver whose map datum is set to WGS84, the global default for current GPS receivers. The GPS receiver should be set to use WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System) if
so equipped, since this improves the error figure to as little as 5 feet. In no case may the GPS receiver show an error figure
in excess of 20 feet. Any modern GPS receiver equipped with WAAS will easily meet this requirement, as will most older
units without WAAS.
6. For VUCC awards on 50 through 1296 MHz and Satellite, all contacts must be made from locations no more than 200 km
apart. For SHF awards, contacts must be made from a single location, defined as within a 300-meter diameter circle.
SOOO I still dont see where it says I cannot OBTAIN a grid from down the street or whatever. The above says I can basicly make contacts 124 miles from my QTH. Right?



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