[amsat-bb] Magnetic North vs True North/ARISSat-1

Carl Rimmer W8KRF w8krf at w8krf.net
Wed Sep 7 10:22:16 PDT 2011

Thanks to all who responded.  I was doing the right thing.  Another 
dilemma was whether to orient the antenna to True North and not make any 
corrections in software or set it to Magnetic North and do the 
declination adjustment with the rotor software.  Six of one, half dozen 
of the other.  Right now I have it oriented to True North.  But, like 
Pete said:  For the work we do, a few degrees off one way or the other 
will not stop the show.

BTW, I have noticed somewhat of a deterioration in the signal strength 
of ARISSat-1.  I have not been able to copy any of the telemetry for the 
past several passes.  I have copied a few of the SSTV pix and FM Voice, 
but even they seem noisier.  Doesn't help that I have a power substation 
a few blocks away that obviously needs to have some of the insulators 
replaced.  I called the power company and asked that they check things 
out.  We'll see if they respond.

Keep em flyin'

*Carl W8KRF*

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