[amsat-bb] Re: Is Prospero still TX'ing?

Trevor . m5aka at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Sep 6 04:52:32 PDT 2011

Although funding to command the satellite ceased in 1996 the Prospero real-time oribtal tracking page says it was heard in 2006.

I would image now the Mullard Space Science Laboratory in Surrey are attempting to command the satellite again the 137.560 MHz beacon would become operational if enough of the satellite is still working.

Given the 40th anniversary of this historic UK spacecraft takes place in October I would expect the media would be very interested if any amateur succeeded in receiving it in the coming weeks.

Audio recordings of the 0.3 watt phase modulated signal with PCM at 2048 bit/s from Prospero on 137.560 MHz can be heard on the Sounds from Space website of Matthias Bopp DD1US

Bernhard VA6BMJ says that there's an item about Prospero in the Space Boffins podcast:

73 Trevor M5AKA

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