[amsat-bb] Re: Adjusting true north for azimuth rotator.

Jim Wright wa4ivm at amsat.org
Sun Sep 4 11:06:26 PDT 2011

I believe the G5400 is a 360 degree rotor control.  If you are wanting 
to go from West through North to East, you will hit the stop.
Two options come to mind.  Put the stop at South, but this gives the 
same problem going from West to East though South.  The second option is 
a program like FLIPANTS that turns the antenna on it's back and turns 
the Az control  plus/minus 180 so that the stop is not a problem.

Decide if the "through North" or "through South" will become a problem 
and make a choice, then use the software to overcome it.
Flipants is a old DOS program, but I think you can find an equivalent 
available.  Click below to go to download Flipants.


Good luck and I hope this helps solve some obstacles.


ps:  The G5500 rotator has a 450 degree travel and helps diminish this 
problem, but it will cost more $$$$.

On 9/4/2011 1:15 PM, Joe Leikhim wrote:
> Thanks to all who replied. When I last installed the rotator, I had a 
> free standing tower and I pored the foundation and mounting bolts such 
> that one leg was aligned true north.
> In this new case, the tower face will have to be against a wall and 
> that wall as I mentioned is +28 degrees from north. The consensus is 
> that the azimuth rotator case can be oriented in any direction and the 
> antenna's (and elevation rotator separation kit) be clamped to the top 
> of the rotator aligned to true north. What I can't sort out is if I 
> will hit a stop if I rotate full CW or CCW, before reaching the south 
> direction. The comments seem to imply I won't.
> Thanks.

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