[amsat-bb] Re: Adjusting true north for azimuth rotator.

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It will not be a problem.  The key is to have the rotor's motor rotated to zero degrees before securing the clamps for the North-facing antenna.  

You will only run into the stop if you try to pass through North from one side to the other, requiring you to swing fully around.  That is why some set up their rotors to have the motor's zero degree setting aimed South, if most of the things they aim at are + / - North.  That's not the case here, so I use the regular Zero = North arrangement.   (Or invest in a rotor that can swing through 450 degrees...)

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> Thanks to all who replied. When I last installed the rotator, I had a 
> free standing tower and I pored the foundation and mounting bolts such 
> that one leg was aligned true north.
> In this new case, the tower face will have to be against a wall and that 
> wall as I mentioned is +28 degrees from north. The consensus is that the 
> azimuth rotator case can be oriented in any direction and the antenna's 
> (and elevation rotator separation kit) be clamped to the top of the 
> rotator aligned to true north. What I can't sort out is if I will hit a 
> stop if I rotate full CW or CCW, before reaching the south direction. 
> The comments seem to imply I won't.
> Thanks.
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