[amsat-bb] Re: Adjusting true north for azimuth rotator.

Stephen E. Belter seb at wintek.com
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I'm going to disagree and agree with my friend Domenico.  

If I understand your setup correctly, the azimuth rotor is on a shelf inside the tower with a vertical mast going through the top of the tower, hopefully using a thrust bearing.  (This is how my setup is configured.)

With this configuration, it doesn't matter what direction the azimuth rotor *case* is mounted, because you can tighten the clamps on the G-5400 azimuth rotor around the mast.  Do use Domineco's procedure for pointing the antennas with the shadows cast by the Sun.  Both Nova and SatPC32 (using the SuM program) will point the rotors at the sun.

73, Steve N9IP
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> I am planning to install my G5400 rotator inside a tower having a welded 
> rotator shelf. The tower is not installed yet and will have one face 
> against the side of my house which is positioned about 28 degrees 
> northeast (Per Google Earth).
> I assume when I drill the rotator shelf, I can adjust for the gross 28 
> degree offset of the tower. However how important is it to do this at 
> all? Does the rotator have to be installed exactly toward true north or 
> can I make up the difference when clamping down the antenna mast 
> assuming the antenna is oriented true north?  Note I will be using a 
> Trakbox and need the ADC to center on true north.
> Secondly does anyone know if the ruler function in Google Earth points 
> true north? It seems pretty handy that a fire plug in front of a 
> neighbors house is at about north point.
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Hi Joe ,

Your rotator have to be installed exactly toward true north.

First of all using the traching program rotate manually your
azimuth rotator until its pointer schowes exacly the azimuth
and elevation of the Sun at a selected time preferably near

Now quicly clamp down the antenna rotator to the mast
until the antennas are aligned exacly toward the Sun.

Now your Antenna system is calibrated as well toward the

73" de

i8CVS Domenico



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