[amsat-bb] Re: Charge for Satellite Tracking?

Kevin Gordon kgordon at paradise.net.nz
Sun Oct 30 11:13:38 PDT 2011

Thank you Domenico.
You understood my email exactly. Today Universities are commerical. Universities and other Commerical organisations need world wide reporting services and data collection ("tracking") of satellites.

Only with regard to satellites should Amateur Radio (i.e. AMSAT) change its traditional stance ("We are NOT a commercial entity and exist because of our traditional support of emergency related situations and our experimental nature").

Free ambulance services request a donation. I wish to suggest we request a donation "to our amateur radio satellite fund in lieu of tracking services".

Kevin zl1bgk.

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Hi Kevin, ZL1BGK

You are absolutely correct ! I agree with you because if  we as Amateur Satellite users will stop to collect telemetry for satellites that does not provide Amateur Radio Services,then the Universities and Commercial organizations will cease to build thousands of Microsats and Nanosats only for their own use.

Unfortunately actually we work as pickers up of tennis-ball at no cost but investing a lot of money for our equipments.

73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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> If a satellite does not provide amateur radio services, why not charge 
> for satellite tracking?
> We could at least ask for a fixed amount per satellite as a donation 
> to our amateur radio satellite fund in lieu of tracking services.
> Thousands of satellites will be placed in orbit in the coming years. 
> We must lay claim to our share of orbit space by placing satellites in orbit.
> Just a thought!
> Kevin zl1bgk

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