[amsat-bb] Re: [Re: Prospero audio]

PE0SAT pe0sat at vgnet.nl
Fri Oct 28 03:17:28 PDT 2011

On Fri, October 28, 2011 11:25, Roger Duthie wrote:

Hi Roger,

> OK - so that's definitely Orbcomm (from the spectrogram).  Have you got
> audio of this?

Yes I have the following audio files:

http://www.dev.vgnet.nl/bucket/files/Prospero-20-10-2011-1854CEST.wav 11,3 MB

http://www.dev.vgnet.nl/bucket/files/Prospero-21-10-2011-1906CEST.wav 92,3 MB

http://www.dev.vgnet.nl/bucket/files/Prospero-24-10-2011-1755CEST.wav 24,1 MB

Maybe you can perform some further analyses.

73 Jan PE0SAT

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