[amsat-bb] "beg my puddin'"

Fri Oct 28 01:34:50 PDT 2011

pardon my caps lock on my post, I thought I was on the AO51 afternoon 
pass and I was yelling at the bird!
in reference to the "lapsed" call heard on AO-51:
Apparently several people heard/worked the station in question, the 
lapse could be an oversight or someone picked up this persons call. 
Based on what I heard the operator had been around the satellites 
previously. Maybe some one around him locally can ask him if he knows 
that the call has lapsed. The old FCC data base had him located in 
Alabama and he was giving out a grid locator of EL98, maybe he moved and 
lost track of his renewal date. We can give him the benefit of doubt 
until some one can ask if he knows that the license is shown as lapsed 
and recommend that he cease operation until he clears it up, altho' at 
the speed of government now-a-days that could be a while!

well I said previously that was my two cents worth I guess i'm up to a 
nickle now!

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