[amsat-bb] Re: [Re: Prospero] Commanding Error

Roger Duthie rjad at mssl.ucl.ac.uk
Wed Oct 26 08:17:45 PDT 2011

Tony -

We heard something intriguing after about 14:43:40 UT as the tracking 
said the satellite was on it's way off to the north pole.

The 'chuff-chuff' description reminds me of a sound we seem to hear 
quite a lot.  Quite often it coincides with a pass, though I think we 
hear the same (or very similar) during times when Prospero is over the 

We are going to try the next pass at ~16:00UT if you want to listen in 
again.  Our new ploy is to wait for the last most opportune moment to 
command, as the power _may_ be at it highest (longest charging of 
batteries, potentially).  So, we'll do short commanding at above 30o el, 
and listen.


Tony Abbey wrote:
> Hi Roger
> I could hear some "chuff-chuff" noises on the last pass and they show 
> a related doppler shift (although I am not correcting sufficiently) as 
> you can see in the attached plot. Maybe its some other noise but you 
> never know.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> On 26 Oct 2011, at 13:39, Roger Duthie wrote:
>> Commanding went well, from as far as we could make out.  We're not 
>> sure if we're getting anything back, however.
>> We'll be doing this pass today, hopefully:
>> 26 Oct 
>> <http://www.heavens-above.com/Gtrack.aspx?Session=kebgfdallleggankjgmmlbel&satid=5580&date=40842.6100238657> 
>> 	7.3 	15:31:43 	10 	S 	15:38:26 	60 	E 	15:46:11 	10 	NNE
>> [Times in BST = UTC + 1]
>> -Roger

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