[amsat-bb] Re: There's no usable satellites

Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Mon Oct 24 10:21:43 PDT 2011

(Sarcasm alert......)


> The FM sat's in my option is near useless with all the
> "using them famous words of the late W2OY"
> Just way to many "kids, lids and space cadets "

Near useless?  The FM satellites worked very well for many to make
QSOs on the passes I worked on Saturday.  Yes, rapid-fire QSOs are
the order of the day, but you'll hear the same sort of rapid-fire QSOs
next weekend in the CQ WW SSB contest.  And..... wait for it... that
contest doesn't use the satellites.  It's on HF!  Many thousands spend
that weekend making lots of QSOs, and giving out the same information
for each and every QSO.  Hams will travel to many different parts of
the world, just to be able to say "59 (CQ zone number)" for up to 48
hours on the radio.

As for the W2OY reference... let's see...  At 43, I'm not a kid.  Some
in a local radio club will call me a "kid", since I am a bit younger than
the median age of the club members.  I'm not a lid, so I guess I must
be a space cadet.  Do I get a certificate for that?  Thanks for clearing
that up for me, John.  I needed that dose of name-calling on a
Monday morning.    :-\

> Standing in their back yard on a FM HT.

Oh, no!  Someone is using an FM HT in their back yard to work a
satellite?  Heavens, no!  Report them to....   ???

I've been doing satellite demonstrations and presentations out
here for almost 5 years.  Even after being at some of the same
hamfests for each of those years, there are still people who do
not understand that satellite operating does not require a huge
station and lots of $$$ to get started.  Yes, you can end up
spending a lot of money.  It's the same for those on HF, who
want to go from a 100W transceiver/dipole station to something
with Yagis, a tower, a transceiver with more bells and whistles,
maybe an amplifier...

> Pass after pass it seems to always to be the same people.

I wasn't on the satellites in the HEO days.  It seems like that you
would have also heard many of the same people on AO-40, day
in and day out.  Other than possibly having longer conversations
on HEO satellites than you would on LEO satellites, it may have
been similar to what you heard on the FM birds.  This is a bad
thing because.....   ???

> Sure do (still) miss AO-40....

I miss that, and the other HEO satellites.  But it's 2011, not 2001,
and AO-40 isn't here.  It might come back like AO-7 did, but it might
be like most ham satellites - once it goes quiet, it stays quiet.
Rather than listening to the silence from AO-40, I'll keep on using
the satellites that are operational. I'll also continue to make friends
as I log more QSOs, keep learning more about this corner of our
hobby, and - you've seen this in many of my -BB posts over the
past few years - having fun!

I'm looking forward to the presentations about the Fox project at the
upcoming AMSAT Symposium.  I'll keep going out to hamfests with an
AMSAT table, because it is fun to meet people and talk about this
corner of our hobby.  I'll look forward to other projects like FUNcube
and KiwiSat, hoping to have more satellites in whatever orbit to work.
Maybe that new Polish satellite I just read about with the FM/SSB
transponder will be just as much fun as AO-16 was a couple of years
ago.  And, yes, I would love to see P3E launched and operational.
I would be happy to adapt my portable all-mode station to work that,
along with the other satellites.



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