[amsat-bb] Re: There's no usable satellites

Michael Schulz mschulz at creative-chaos.com
Mon Oct 24 09:31:35 PDT 2011

On Oct 24, 2011, at 10:58 AM, Thomas Schaefer wrote:

> I do not understand the purpose to belittle people that want to use the satellite on an HT. I can use my 9100, but it is a nice intro to be in the yard or a beach with an HT and an Arrow antenna. What purpose does it serve to take that away from someone if it does not fit your idea of what operating should be? 
> Tom NY4I

Let me put another quote out there:

Great minds discuss ideas, mediocre minds discuss events, small minds discuss personalities.–Eleanor Roosevelt

Or in other words, some people need to re-assure their self worth by finding something/somebody as perceived by themselves
of lower value/quality than themselves to raise their own idea or reflection of themselves. It is easier to do so by looking towards
other people than having great ideas.

How dare one use a satellite with an HT when I spent thousands of dollars on an Oscar station? Yeah ok, the outcome is the same
in terms of communication achieved, but come on ... I spent thousands of dollars on errrm .. now unnecessary equipment because
the kids, lids and space cadets run circles around me with their HTs.

This is just getting more sad as we progress here. And the direction these threads now seem to take can barely be classified as 

73 Mike K5TRI

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