[amsat-bb] Prospero Commanded Pass Today

Roger Duthie rjad at mssl.ucl.ac.uk
Mon Oct 24 04:01:28 PDT 2011

AMSAT community -

The Mullard team intend to attempt commanding to Prospero during the 
following pass:
(entries are: date; mag; start time; el; az; max el time; max el; az; 
end time; end el; end az)
24 Oct 
	7.7 	16:54:17 	10 	SSW 	17:00:54 	58 	WNW 	17:08:40 	10 	N

Any listening on the downlink, and feedback on your observations, would 
be most appreciated. 
We may also try the later pass:

24 Oct 
	9.3 	18:42:56 	10 	W 	18:47:25 	17 	NW 	18:52:14 	10 	N

**** TIMES ARE IN BST (ie., UTC + 1) ****

- Roger

PS., I hope the copy-paste from heavens-above works.

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