[amsat-bb] Re: knowledge required

John Becker w0jab at big-river.net
Sun Oct 23 09:36:42 PDT 2011

All in the name of  "political correctness" the FCC in all their
(lack) of wisdom did away with the requirement of the FCC 
1st or 2nd class licence to work at a TV or AM FM radio station
and repair a 2 way radio. As well as dumb-ing down the ham service.
10-4 ?

The only thing it did for folks like myself with such was guarantee 
a job for life. it was not until the FCC fines started coming in for 
such silly things as signal off freq - too wide - audio to hi or low.
color burst hi, low, off freq. 

Then many of the stations went back to requiring one to get a job
on their own. 

At that point many required certification from the SBE (society of 
broadcast engineers) who did require the license. That did 2 things
left the station off the hook and made sure they was getting someone
that knew their stuff. To counter what the station had done the FCC
then did away with the license once and for all . again in the name of 
political correctness. That was about the time I up and quit. I was not 
about to be a sitter and fixing other peoples SNAFU.

I still have mine and it's good for life.

There just is no replacement for knowledge.


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