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Yes!  Let's don't overlook the fact that designing and building an 
EasySat CubeSat also gives us the opportunity to explore, learn, and try 
out new technologies that can be later used for higher satellites when 
the opportunity comes, and expanded functionality on LEOs as well.  I 
don't think AMSAT-NA is stuck in a dumbing down, or a "good old days" 
mentality, I think we're taking the lemons we have (although I don't for 
a minute consider ANY opportunity to build a satellite as lemons) and 
making lemonade, if you will.  The art is still advancing.  The fact is, 
it has advanced so far that it seems so EASY to many people (as did the 
Space Shuttle) that it appeared not much of a feat to send one up a few 
times a year.  A handheld radio and a handheld antenna... "old timers" 
(and I'm one of them) would never have dreamed that they could reliably 
communicate over a 2000 mile path through a satellite with such ease and 
such simple gear, 50 years ago!

By the way, 50 years ago Oscar 1 was launched and it was an amazing 
feat.  Just 4 years after the first satellite ever was launched, hams 
were in space!  We do this voluntarily, we do it because we love it, we 
do it "because it's there".  That's what makes Amateur Radio so fun!


On 10/23/2011 4:27 AM, Luc Leblanc wrote:
>> Words of Wisdom!
>> Life is too short to waste it in the past. Unfortunately, too many are
>> trapped in their "good old days" mentality. What a pitty and waste.
>> Stefan, VE4NSA
> As in any society there is always conflicting relationship between ages group. For one some are too old and they are living in the past,
> and for others they are too young inexperienced claiming their way is the way to go.
> Acquiring and gaining experience take's time and patience but today we want immediate results "Plug and play era" discarding others past
> experiences.
> It's not a question of skills and competence it's a question of minding and learning. Taking short cuts to achieved lower goals can only
> lead after couple years to disappointments and lack of interest. That's why those who where lucky to work on HEO satellite says it's the
> only one way to go if we want to create a sustainable critical mass of skilled amateur satellite operator.
> It's the very true nature of Ham radio to communicate over the greatest distance "DX" those who are satisfied by the fact they can reach a
> space cube are in a learning process. That's why those cube sat should be considered an entry class satellite. Exponentially increasing
> entry class satellite does not provided on the long term any viable solution aside of saving the furniture.IMHO.
> Lets say the better than nothing minding who should be considered as a way to deal with exception is now a standard.
> If we want to know where to go we should always also know where we come from! If finding an affordable HEO launcher is an obstacle trying
> to avoid instead of facing the obstacle is not a solution its'a more a lack of courage and faith than anything else that's why AMSAT-DL are
> still engaged toward P3E and Mars. It takes time and patience.
> Ask those who are working EME why they spent a lot of time and money to achieved their goals?  they will all tell you this the only way to
> go if we want to be able to work the moon HT'S and rubber duckies and tape measure antenna are not enough to reach the far distant moon and
> the ultimate "DX" contact. If you just bear in mind this you will be able to understand why those "old" operators wants for you "increased
> your range of communication in time and distance" they only wished that you can also enjoyed world-wide communication through satellites.
> The chosen words are not always what they should be but bottom line they are only want the best for you.
> "-"
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