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> Every real AMSAT ham still knows about the AO10, AO13, AO40, FO20/29...
> even after they stopped working. I wonder how many will remember all those
> Cubes...

> 73 de PE1RAH
> William Leijenaar
Hi William, PE1RAH

I do remember that when OSCAR-10, OSCAR-13 and AO40 were
alive and well this net on AMSAT-BB was full of technical messages
and many others from wich it was possible to lern on radio technique
particularly in the field of RF and antennas as you can realize reading
the old AMSAT-BB messages from 1998 all available into the
AMSAT-BB Archives at:


By the way actually with the prolification of Microsats,Nanosats and so on
the above fellows seems to be not interested on satellite discussions and
they abandoned the net because actually you can work an FM LEO with
an HT and arrow antenna and so you do not need to be technical to do that.

You are correct when you writes:

> Now everything is scattered into small satellites (mostly CubeSat) and the
> big satellites that can unite the international AMSAT community are pushed
> backwards into the big crowd.

And you are also correct writing:

> I would more like to see that people get interrested in the technology and
> try to get there ham license because of interrest in technology.

I believe that the satellite community will increase again the know how
in RF technology only when P3E will be in orbit thanks to AMSAT-DL
efforts and only when P3E will be operational AMSAT will then turn
back to quality and everyone will forget all those Cubes...

In the mean time waiting for the future with P3E  since I like to talk with
a satellite fellow more than for 5 seconds I only work the linear VO-52
thanks to your great job in cooperation with AMSAT India and ISRO.

Best 73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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