[amsat-bb] post-hamfest travel plan for Saturday (22 October)

Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Tue Oct 18 09:23:37 PDT 2011


After receiving a few comments to my post last week about my 
trip to the hamfest in Tucson on Saturday (22 October), I have 
decided to go to the DM51bx/DM52ba grid boundary in southeastern 
Arizona after the hamfest.  I should be there in time for the 
following passes:

AO-51 2133 UTC
AO-27 2147 UTC
AO- 7 2220 UTC (should be in mode B for this pass)
AO-51 2310 UTC

Depending on when the hamfest wraps up in the morning, I *may* be 
able to get out to the grid boundary in time for the AO-27 pass at 
approximately 2007 UTC.  No guarantees on that.  I will run APRS as 
WD9EWK-9 while on the road after the hamfest.  You will be able to 
see my location at http://aprs.fi/wd9ewk-9 among other places on 
the net.  

For the AO-7 pass, I tend to park around 145.960 MHz +/-.  If I am 
not working anyone there, I will tune around and try to call anyone 
else who may be on the pass.  I will miss not having FO-29 to work
on this trip, but this AO-7 pass should cover most of North America
for those wanting to work me in SSB.

As with my other trips, and also for the hamfest passes Saturday
morning, I will be happy to send out QSL cards.  There's no need 
to first mail me a card - just e-mail me with the QSO details.  
If you're in the log, I will drop a card in the mail.  I will also
upload all QSOs to the Logbook of the World system, once I am back



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