[amsat-bb] E1Pu2 & RAX2 downlink conflict?

Ryan Caron rcaron at gmail.com
Sun Oct 16 18:55:57 PDT 2011

What frequencies are E1Pu2 and RAX2 using? Both are CubeSats aboard the 
NPP launch on October 27th, and both have the same IARU coordination - 
437.505MHz, and both are 9k6.

I haven't seen any frequencies from IARU, the mission websites, or this 
BB specifically associated with these reflights (RAX1 suffered from 
power problems on orbit, and E1P didn't make it to orbit due to the 
Taurus failure).

Perhaps this has already been resolved since the mission websites 
indicate that E1P is on 437.505 (IARU allocation) but RAX1 used 437.100. 
But it is good to make sure!



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