[amsat-bb] Re: Odd Satellite problem

Mark L. Hammond marklhammond at gmail.com
Sun Oct 16 14:46:22 PDT 2011

For starters, FO-29 has not been heard in a couple of weeks:


That's why you haven't heard it ;)

Seems like the other active 70cm birds are FM...


Mark N8MH

At 02:24 PM 10/16/2011 -0700, Michael Hatzakis wrote:
>I am having a problem hearing the downlink of any SSB satellites on 440.  
>I've been off the Sats for a couple of years, two or so.  I just rebuilt my
>station PC and reinstalled all the apps, specifically, SatPC32, and ARSWIN
>and my controller to my G-5500 and 12 element 2-meter and 17 element 440
>beams.  I use two SSB pre-amps, one each for 144 and 440, both appear to
>work perfectly.  When I click the Pre-amp button on the ICOM-910, I hear the
>background noise level increase, telling me the pre-amp is operating.  The
>440 receiver appears to otherwise work ok.  
>I was able to work VO-52 where 440 was the uplink and was able to get on the
>air for one pass of an FM bird, AO-51, where the downlink was 440.  I am no
>longer able to hear the usual passband noise of the Sat when as it comes
>It is 21:10 UTC and I just finished trying to work FO-29 from CN87 (20:59 to
>21:17), and again no luck.  I sent my call out on 145.950, but nothing back.
>Checked the ARRL satellite tracking site and it appears I have the correct
>keps installed.  I went outside and checked the bearing of the antenna.
>Seems ok.  
>Anyone have any ideas?  I am stumped.
>Michael  K3MH

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