[amsat-bb] Re: Which preamp to buy for 2m?

Burns Fisher burns at fisher.cc
Thu Oct 13 12:26:17 PDT 2011

First, my sincere apologies...I think I managed to resend the entire digest
to the list.  I HATE it when people do that but now I know how easy it is to
do accidentally.  Sorry.


Now to what I was going to say:  I have the SSB SP-2000 and I'm also very
happy with it.  It seems to do auto RF switching well down to under 2
watts.  (Some auto-switching are only spec'ed to switch down to 8 or 10W).
 It also bypasses itself if you just cut the power (to be expected, I
guess).  I'm using it with a second power feedline (which you can connect
with a PL259) since I don't happen to have 13.8V phantom power available.
On the other hand, it is about the most expensive 2m preamp you can find :-(

Where to get it in the US?  ssbusa.com appears to be a distributer.  No one
answered the phone, and they never returned my call.  Another vendor (take
it from whence it came) said they were phasing out.  But in any case, Array
Solutions was very helpful and fast and sent me my SP-2000 in a very short
time.  As I recall I had to talk to them on the phone since they did not
have the SSB stuff fully integrated into their web site yet, but it was
worthwhile.  Array Solutions also advertises in QST :-)

Burns, W2BFJ

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> Tim,
> I own SSB preamps, the SP-2000 (2 meter) and SP-7000 (70 cm).  They have
> worked very well for me, both on my Icom IC-821 (powered by the radio) and
> with my FUNcube Dongle (powered with an external bias-T from ARR).  The SSB
> preamps have helical filters on the front end which should help in your Los
> Angeles RF environment.
> You have at least four sources for the SSB preamp:
> 1.  Direct from SSB in Germany, www.ssb.de
> 2.  From SSB-Electronics USA, www.ssbusa.com
> 3.  From Array Solutions, www.arraysolutions.com
> 4.  From Universal Radio, www.universal-radio.com
> 73, Steve N9IP
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> Hi all,
> I just got a M2 2M4 and 420-50-11 to mount on my az/el rotor and go with my
> 736R. As I'm hoping to potentially work some EME with the big guns when
> conditions are just right, I'm wondering if anyone can provide advice on
> which preamp to get for 2m. I live in the Los Angeles metro area, so lots of
> noise/QRM, and also would like something to take advantage of the 736's
> preamp switch/voltage over coax option. In other words, something that
> doesn't require any complicated power/switching controls, if possible.
> Any suggestions?
> Thanks,
> Tim
> K6TW

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