[amsat-bb] Re: Horyu-2 437.375 MHz - November ?

Masahiro Arai m-arai at a.email.ne.jp
Thu Oct 13 08:49:54 PDT 2011

There is no launch info on Horyu web site and JAXA web site. The JAXA
shows the launch will be done by end of March 2012.

Space Calender shows the launch will be in Feb 2012.

I think Horyu will not launch in Nov.

Masa   JN1GKZ

>The 6.7 kg microsatellite Horyu-2, which has an onboard camera, was planned to launch from Japan 
in November 2011 with GCOM-W 1, KOMPSat 3, SDS 4.
>Does anyone know if the November date is still valid or has it slipped ?
>Horyu website in Google English
>73 Trevor M5AKA


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