[amsat-bb] KiwiSAT Camera

Fred Kennedy fredk at kcbbs.gen.nz
Tue Oct 11 16:20:18 PDT 2011

Hi Guys,
        Been asked by the student that is running some tests on the very simple camera that we are 
installing on KiwiSAT, what the cost would be of a commercial satellite surveillance camera. 
   He has not found any prices despite web searching - and I haven't done much better!  
  He wants to contrast the cost of our simple unit to a proper industrial one in a .ppt  presentation on 
his findings.
  Can someone out there in the business give us an idea of the range from the simplest to the most 
sophisticated? (Has to be mega bucks!)
    ( Cost of ours ?- about $100!  But flown successfully and  reliably (for our purpose) on several 
 Fred Kennedy
 KiwiSAT Project Leader   

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