[amsat-bb] Re: Geostationary Satellites

Trevor . m5aka at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Oct 11 14:20:51 PDT 2011

--- On Tue, 11/10/11, Joe <nss at mwt.net> wrote:
> How hard (Energy) budget is it to have that giant elliptical orbit,  
> I can't remember what bird had it,  but it was an orbit named like 
> moylina or something like that  where the perigee was very low
> but the apogee was like WAY out there giving passes that were 
> extremely long.

It's a great orbit, AO-40 was aiming for it. 

Bottom line is cost - $10-15 million for launch to Geo transfer orbit and then costs of incorporating and controlling a motor on the sat to get it to Moylina. 

You should be able to build the sat for a million or so - it's the launch costs that are the killer.

73 Trevor M5AKA

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