[amsat-bb] WD9EWK @ Tucson AZ hamfest and post-hamfest activity, 22 October

Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Tue Oct 11 10:30:46 PDT 2011


The hamfest season out here in Arizona is about to start.  I will be
at the Old Pueblo Radio Club's annual hamfest in Tucson AZ a week from
Saturday, on 22 October 2011.  This is a week later than usual, since 
this hamfest has normally taken place the same weekend as the Scouting
Jamboree on the Air event.  The hamfest will be at the usual location
in Tucson, at the Kino Sports Complex along the north side of Ajo Way 
at Forgeus Avenue, east of the I-10 freeway and the baseball stadium 
(grid DM42me).  The hamfest officially runs from 7am-noon (1400-1900 
UTC), although people start showing up before sunrise and many leave 
before noon. 

During the hamfest, WD9EWK will be on whatever FM and SSB satellites
are available doing on-air demonstrations.  On the SSB birds, I try
to park about 5-10 kHz above the center of the transponders, depending
on other activity and QRM/QRN.  Please feel free to call WD9EWK during
those demonstrations and say "hello" to the crowds. 

After the hamfest, I plan on driving either to the DM51bx/DM52ba or 
DM52ax/DM53aa grid boundaries in southeastern Arizona to work some 
passes on my way home.  I have operated from both of these grid 
boundaries earlier this year - DM51bx/DM52ba in early May, and 
DM52ax/DM53aa in late March - and try to visit these locations when I 
attend hamfests in southern Arizona.  If you have a preference on which 
boundary I should try to work from after the hamfest, please e-mail me 
directly. I can't guarantee I will go to the spot you would prefer, but 
it helps to know what people are interested in hearing on the birds.  
As with the hamfest demonstrations, I am prepared to work both FM and 
SSB from wherever I go out there.  

As with my other trips away from the Phoenix area, there is no need
to send me a QSL request to get a WD9EWK QSL card for a hamfest QSO
or a QSO from one of those grid boundaries.  Just e-mail me the QSO
details - if you're in the log, you'll get a card.  QSOs will also
be uploaded to the Logbook of the World system as WD9EWK, including 
the grid(s) and county for each QSO.  



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