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Cost, which is enough to drop any other issues to noise level.  That is the
High Rent District, and given how much the commercial users pay, they would
not want to have an "amateur" satellite wandering around.  More practically,
it would be nice to have a package on a commercial satellite.  They provide
the power, pointing, and control.  We just provide the RF.  Again, cost,
though we have been looking for the right opportunity.  

Another drawback is that a geosynch only provides coverage to _about_ a
third of the earth, and it is always the same third.  Birds like AO-13 and
AO-40 covered just about all of it over the space of a few days.  Did I
mention cost?  It is fun to think about having 3 which could be linked for
true global coverage. 


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Hello Hope Everyone is doing Well, I know people say no such thing as a dumb
question So here goes What is the reason We do not have any Type of
geostationary Satellites. Is it because they are for World Wide Use and If
stationary one could Hit it 24/7 and Maybe park there butt on it and Run a
Beam and Amp and take it over 




73 De Don KA9QJG


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