[amsat-bb] KickSat - a personal spacecraft of your own in space

Zac Manchester fleet at kicksat.org
Sun Oct 9 06:22:43 PDT 2011


I'm launching a project in my spare time that some AMSAT members might
be interested in.  I'm a graduate student in Aerospace Engineering at
Cornell, and I've been working on a ChipSat/Femtosatellite called
Sprite for the last several years.  I want to launch a CubeSat full of
Sprites into low Earth orbit to demonstrate their viability in space.
I'm raising money to build the hardware via the Kickstarter website
(kicksat.org).  Donors who sponsor a sprite will get to name it and
specify the text that it will transmit.  A group or club can also
sponsor a fleet of Sprites together.

I'm doing this to try to get more people involved in spaceflight.  I
want to make it easy enough and cheap enough so that anyone can take

Please check out my page on Kickstarter for more information - kicksat.org

Zac Manchester

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