[amsat-bb] Re: 5500 rotor problem DUH

Jeff KB2M kb2m at comcast.net
Sat Oct 8 09:49:22 PDT 2011

I was getting ready to take my rotor down and dissemble, but decided to give
it another test through the cable. I found that it started working. Upon
further examination I found that both the Azimuth and the Elevation cables
were somehow severely stretched and were both intermittent at that one spot
in the both cables. I ended up cutting a 3 foot section out of each rotor
cable and splicing back together. I have no idea how this just manifested
itself. I did have some major construction projects going on, new house
built, old house demolished, 25 by 50 by 20 foot septic system hole dug. All
this within 5 foot of my satellite array ! But after all of this it hooked
up plug and play to the new house. Very strange, that the cable problem just
showed up, almost a year later. But all is once again good in kb2m satellite
operations again. I should be back on the air this evening :-)
 Thanks to all the good debugging suggestions, I have filed them away, also
Drew thanks for the tip on the motor compatibility with the 5500 and 450. I
was going to sell the 450 rotor, but will now keep for a spare..

73 Jeff kb2m

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