[amsat-bb] Re: 5500 rotor problem

Jeff KB2M kb2m at comcast.net
Fri Oct 7 17:34:03 PDT 2011

 Ok I started working the problem tonight. I would first like to thank, Al
Wa4sca, Stan W1le, and Jeff N3qo, for some ideas on what the problem might
be. What I found so far is an open between 4  5 and 6. Any combination of
the three is open. So I'm assuming I burned out the motor windings in the
azimuth rotor to cause an open. I'm also assuming as the rotor is less than
3 years old that it doesn't have a fused link? I went through my parts bin
and found a working Yaesu G-450 rotor. I wonder if the 450 and the 5500
azimuth rotor use the same motor, did anyone try this? 

73 Jeff kb2m

On Fri, Oct 7, 2011 at 7:09 AM, Jeff KB2M <kb2m at comcast.net> wrote:

	 Starting to put my satellite system back on the air. Now having
	rotor problem. I think what happened is that after Hurricane Irene
	by, everything was working. Later that morning a surprisingly strong
	gust after Irene passed by blew my sat array over. I was unaware of
this and
	when I tried to work a sat I had a very weak signal. I went outside
to check
	the antenna system and found it laying on the ground. So what I
	happened is that the rotor was trying to turn while the antenna was
on the
	ground and burned out something in the rotor. It is not a cable
problem, it
	is definitely in the azimuth rotor, elevation works fine. I swap
cables and
	this showed the problem is in the az rotor only. Anyone have this
	problem? I'm going to take the rotor apart this weekend and would
like some
	ideas before I start. Any electrical test through the cable from
inside the
	shack to determine the problem would be much appreciated :-)
	73 Jeff kb2m
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