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Tim Goodrich tim at timgoodrich.com
Thu Oct 6 12:44:56 PDT 2011

I think there may be something more to this. You're saying celestrak keps
are as correct and up to date as the online tracker. However, both HRD and
SatPC were wrong for me last night and I know HRD uses celestrak keps, which
I know were less than 12 hours old, if not only a couple hours old. 

If it helps to decode this mystery, I know my friend running NOVA had the
correct info for the ISS pass last night. 


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The NASA.ALL Keps are issued and updated weekly, normally Friday, as they
have been for literally decades.  The on line tracker widget gets Keps
directly, and so will be as up to date as Celestrak and Space Track.  Two
different systems, and purposes, which is why there is a difference.  

You will see a similar situation with ARISSat-1 as it slowly descends.
Which is a good chance to get another plug in for the Chicken Little



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So here we are again, Amsat shows the ISS in the right spot but the keps it
gives out for automatic updates are around 6 minutes off again. I know about
the boosting and why they are off, just dont ubderstand WHY they are good on
the online tracker and not anything else?


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