[amsat-bb] operating FM Sats/phonetics

Ellis Foley wa1rks at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 3 07:47:46 PDT 2011

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I agree whole heartily with the use of phonetics any time ! anywhere!. lots of old ears out there, (mine included) but not just that, conditions on any medium is always subject to degradation,Faraday,phaseshift,doppler,you name it-It can happen.especially with the "E" sounding letters,namely T,Z,E,B,C,V to name a few. I can't count the times I called for another ID to get one of them that I missed the first time around. Even under ideal conditions, not everyone's grammar and .diction is understandable. My other pet peeve is the use of improper phonetics, The world has one set, use them only, I don't like hearing "Zebra, Zink,Zorch!!" for Zulu. A few Good operatiing practices makes for an enjoyable Qso, not just a "zip it lip it,get on with it,and wheres the next guy?". My two cents worth.:-)Thanks 73 Gud dx ! Happy Dx  Hunting !. de Ellis Wa1rks

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