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Paul Delaney - K6HR paul.hamradio at verizon.net
Sun Oct 2 15:50:48 PDT 2011

Hi Mark,

Yes, the dead UHF preamp is still inline, but I was unable to hear AO-51 before I put up the preamp. I added the preamp (a bargain buy on ebay) but the preamp only worked for a few days before going dead. What do you think about an Elk at a fixed elevation on an azimuth only rotator?
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  Hi Paul,

  Do you by chance have a dead preamp inline?  I've had some fail that keep any signal from passing...it's worse than no preamp!!

  Just a thought...

  Drew's comment about polarity is a good one, too. 

  Mark N8MH 

  At 11:21 AM 10/2/2011 -0700, Paul Delaney - K6HR wrote:

  >Should I be able to hear AO-51 using an eggbeater with no preamp?. 
  >I can hear VO-52 just fine but have not heard AO-51at all, so I have to wonder why. I'm listening on 435.15. Perhaps the sat is not active while over DM03?  Or am I kidding myself thinking I should be able to hear it without a preamp? I realize the VO-52 downlink is 2m as opposed to the 70cm AO-51 downlink. I'm having my preamps repaired but until then I could use some advice/opinions.
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