[amsat-bb] SatPC32 Question for an expert

Thomas Doyle tomdoyle1948 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 30 08:45:26 PDT 2011

Sat32PC works great for me but I do have one question. I am finishing up my
rotor control software that works with SatPC32 and need to know what happens
with SatPC32 when there is a directly overhead pass if SatPC32 is set up
with a 90 degree max for the elevation rotor. I have no idea how to set up
some sat orbit elements to produce a directly overhead pass for testing. In
fact, I am not sure I even want to know how unless it is very simple.

My best guess is that for example: If the current azimuth is 0 degrees and
the current elevation is 89 degrees. If the next update would be azimuth 0
degrees and elevation 92 degrees I hope that SatPC32 would output azimuth
180 degrees and elevation 88 degrees as I believe this is the same heading.
I know that in overhead passes the position is not critical but I would
still like to know what SatPC32 does.

If someone knows FOR SURE please let me know with a direct email as I no
longer read the b-b postings.

tnx and 73 W9KE

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