[amsat-bb] Re: Know Your Plates, Know Your Country

Clint Bradford clintbrad4d at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 29 15:24:05 PDT 2011

>> ... All this makes me really, really glad I live in a country where we don't 
have armed thugs on the streets ... It must be horrible to live like that. Gordon MM0YEQ

I thought you lived in Scotland, Gordon. A country where the BBC reported just in 2008 ...

"Crime in Glasgow 'worse than NY' - Glasgow could learn lessons from New York about 
how to tackle crime, according to a report by an independent think tank.The Reform 
Scotland report said there was now more violent crime per head of population in Glasgow 
than in New York. It said crime figures from 2006-07 showed for every 100,000 people 
there were 731.39 incidents in Glasgow compared to 631.30 in New York. It suggests 
following a zero tolerance policy like the American city."

So, Gordon, to which country did you move?

You may need to change your source of news of the U.S., Gordon.

Please do not try to turn my scenario of extra law enforcement response to anything 
at a national level to degrade the U.S. Ain't gnna fly ... (grin)

Clint Bradford, K6LCS

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