[amsat-bb] Re: CA Ham Plates - Warning!

Larry Gerhardstein gerhardstein at montana.com
Wed Jun 29 10:21:29 PDT 2011

Who cares?  In the following scenario, I would care!  If I had the call 
sign N1OCL and I moved from Connecticut (or where ever) to Montana and 
then tried to get a ham plate for my vehicle, I would care.  I believe 
my application would be turned down by the Montana DOL, because the 
Montana license plate number N1OCL already belongs to someone else, a 
non-ham.  We know the problem exists for this call.  I've heard it also 
exists for others as well.  We suspect N1OCL is someone's airplane 
registration number and the guy got it as a personalized plate number.  
It perhaps is legal in Montana, but I still would be ticked off and yes, 
I would care.  Like I said in my first response to this thread.  This 
could NOT happen Washington state--see earlier post.

73, Larry W7IN

On 6/29/2011 10:26 AM, George and Cheryl Abbott wrote:
> The discussion thread appeared concern opposition to "personalized 
> "license tags resembling ham plates ,or legitimate ham plates being 
> used on multiple vehicles.Who cares!.
> Thanks for your efforts to preserve our bandwidths! I really need to 
> get back on the air.I'm still grieving the loss of AO13 and AO40.
> Regards, George W1GMA
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> George and Cheryl,
> So who is complaining?  You?  Harvey and I signed using our call signs.
> I've never complained about hams getting more privileges, voice, WARC
> bands, digital modes, LF, etc.  Leaves more energy to be concerned about
> hams possibly loosing privileges.
> 73, Larry W7IN (57 years a ham op.)
> On 6/29/2011 7:04 AM, George and Cheryl Abbott wrote:
>> Why do you think that this is such a big deal?Sounds similar to the 
>> old timers complaining about the granting of voice privileges for 
>> novices back in the 80's.Get a life!
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>> Harvey, K5HV
>> Kerrville, TX
>>> Larry W7IN, Plains MT

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