[amsat-bb] FD

Merle Olmsted mlolmsted at fuse.net
Tue Jun 28 06:03:10 PDT 2011

Lets see now, some tongue in cheek ideas on the use of  FM birds.

1.  FCC prohibit FM radios that put out more than 5 watts on satellite 
2.  FM satellites should have controlled access similar to closed 
repeaters so only "authorized" operators could use them.
3.  Ban the use of any satellite antenna not hand held and with more 
than 1 db gain.
4.  Prohibit the use of computers in plotting satellite paths or 
tracking satellites.  Obviously, if the antenna is hand held, electronic 
tracking devices would be eliminated.
5.  During FD operation, since it is an "Emergency Readiness 
Operation",  class 1D should be eliminated.
6.  FM satellites, when activated by the control station, should have 
should have the capability of blocking multiple calls from the same station.
7.  And of course, all FM satellite passes should have at least one 
on-air "operations policeman"


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