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Diane Bruce db at db.net
Tue Jun 28 04:03:59 PDT 2011

On Mon, Jun 27, 2011 at 09:43:57PM -0700, Greg D. wrote:
> Hi Diane,

> Given the chaos, it is easy to question the event.  Then you get a letter such as this, and it gives you a new perspective.  This is from one of our club members who I was coaching before Field Day on what birds to try, etc.  I was not able to attend, but he did.  Here's his report.

Happily, I have seen some great constructive ideas on amsat-bb.

I love the idea of having a demo station for field day. Perhaps we
could combine some ideas.

Instead of concentrating on just getting that 100 points via one QSO
we could have 100 points for operating a "Get on the air" (GOTA) demo
station. Furthermore this would be coordinated through designated
net control stations pre-agreed with before the weekend begins.
e.g. W1AW on the east coast, ??? mid, ??? on the west coast.

Field day sites would get their 100 points provided they worked the NCS,
not each other and could prove they were introducing new people to sats.

> Greg,
> So, there you have it.  "Typical" field day tribulations, no contacts, and still a positive result.  In spite of all the chaos, 100 points, etc., operating Satellite is still a mystery to a significant portion of the Ham community, and a totally science fiction event for most of the general public.  In some regards, there is no such thing as bad publicity, if it's handled right.  So what we see as chaos, another person observing from afar might see as Hey! He's receiving signals from outer space with a walkie-talkie and a small TV antenna!  How neat is that!

Yep. The demo aspect, even if it is only to other hams would be great
for AMSAT.

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