[amsat-bb] Re: How to get started on SSB birds (antennas)

Joe Krepps occupant at ytpress.com
Mon Jun 27 17:02:55 PDT 2011


I appreciate that this topic has been brought up (especially _after_ FD,  

If I may inject a question: for the seriously budget minded, is there any  
value to building a "better antenna" (i.e. more elements for improved  
gain) versus adding a pre-amp? I realize a higher gain antenna will be  
more sensitive to positioning/aiming and, unless I go the U-110 rotator  
route, I won't be doing much elevation adjustment.

I'll be using either my current FT-817ND or an eBay all mode 2m  
transciever, for AO-7. In Mode A, rx with the FT-817ND & tx with a "well  
loved" 2m all mode. In Mode B, rx with the 2m all mode and Tx with the  
FT-817ND. Of course, dialing the power down as often as practical!

(Now, I kinda' wish I could have held onto my old IC-820H, Yaesu Az/El  
rotators and "Oscar link" crossed yagis...but I needed $$ at the time.  
Now, I'm married so, by definition, I'm broke. HiHi!)

I appreciate ALL the wisdom shared so far! :)

Mny tnx & 73!
P.S. I _do_ have an Arrow but not sure how suitable it is for continuous  
outdoor use.

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