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Jeff Moore tnetcenter at gmail.com
Mon Jun 27 16:23:24 PDT 2011

You raise an interesting point and something I've wondered about for some 
time now.

IF the sat operators are always so bent out of shape when someone actually 
uses the sats, then why the heck does AMSAT promote a parallel Field Day 
event with ARRL's Field Day??

I think it's about time for AMSAT to have their OWN Field Day Event ON A 

That way the "serious" sat operators can play all they want on their linear 
birds and leave the FM sats for the ARRL Field Day participants.  Then AMSAT 
can have it's own Field Day (or SAT DAY) with it's own rules, like a 100 pt 
bonus for working 2 or more qso's on a linear bird or a 200 pt deduction for 
working an FM bird, etc.


Jeff Moore  --  KE7ACY
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Subject: [amsat-bb] Re: FD Mess

I know I am going to get hate mail again. I just know it. But here goes.
I've been quietly suggesting that we should _not_ be encouraging sat use
during field day, furthermore we probably should consider turning them
off during field day to stop this.

Now hear me out before you hit that reply key. Field day operators
are interested in those bonus points, we (amsat) are interested in
promoting amateur radio sat operations. How many of these field day
operations actually result in new satellite operators? Where are the
surveys, stats? Does the extra massive battery use of our sats justify
the PR? Keep in mind the state of AO-51 and FO-29.

Am I the only one? I'd be interested in a non-flame war discussion.

- 73 Diane VA3DB
- db at FreeBSD.org db at db.net http://www.db.net/~db
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