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Diane Bruce db at db.net
Mon Jun 27 15:43:04 PDT 2011

On Mon, Jun 27, 2011 at 02:42:19PM -0700, Majdi S. Abbas wrote:
> 	Sure, the person operating the radio is trying to collect the
> bonus points for their operation.  
> 	But most Field Day operations are a *group* effort.  Many of
> the hams present may never have operated a satellite, and if shown

Sure. Both Clare VE3NPC and I have helped our club during field day
in previou years, get at least one contact through a satellite.
It amazes me how many antennas Clare can bring to a field day in the
back of his station wagon. ;-) The FD mess situation is something
we discussed for a few minutes at this years Field Day.
(Note we are both AMSAT coodinators in the Ottawa area)

> 	People who collect bonus points usually go for the public
> location/information table bonus as well, so you may be introducing
> possible future hams to satellite work.

That it might. I always do mention the amateur radio satellites when I do
face-to-face PR at field day.


> 	If the argument is 'show me the data,' feel free to go collect it;
> the published FD scores is a good starting point for reaching out to
> the involved parties.  ...

It would be nice if the ARRL could ask for additional data from sat entries.

> Or you could fund a survey.  

I've suggested at least informal surveys could be conducted by AMSAT-NA.
I've donated money to AMSAT-NA, our club (http://www.oarc.net) donates money
to AMSAT-NA, surely AMSAT-NA could afford to run a simple e-mail survey.
I'd help do it if I was asked. 

> 	It seems silly to demand that outreach be justified for you;
> without it, you won't need those satellites anyway.  Lack of outreach

I've done my share of outreach in my area, that is not what I was demanding.
I am simply asking, "Can we think of ways we can do things better?"

After seeing some other replies the "FD mess", it's rather obvious we
are seeing the symptoms, not the problem.  We are failing to educate.

I'm mulling over a few ideas. Perhaps we should ask ARRL to only
give points for GOTA stations on sats? That way we maximise our sat

Anyone else have ideas?

> 	73,
> 	Majdi, N0RMZ

- 73 Diane VA3DB (AMSAT Coordinator, but sure not speaking for AMSAT)
		 (ex OARC club president, but sure not speaking for them either)
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