[amsat-bb] Re: How to get started on SSB birds (antennas)

PA3GUO pa3guo at upcmail.nl
Mon Jun 27 14:52:42 PDT 2011

> My preference is to build something 

Hi Jeremy !

Yesterday I finished constructing my new antenna for 70cm, a 16 elements DK7ZB. 
My Requirements: 
- Needs to work for EME at 432 MHz (15.5 dBd / 16 elements has been used 
successfully by others) 
- Needs to work for satellite communication (needs to elevate up to 90 degrees: 
can not be longer as 4 meter) 
- Avoid complex circular polarization this time (linear polarization had proven 
to work fine for Cubesats) 
Selected design: 
- 16 elements DK7ZB 
- 15.5 dBd 
- length 3.86 meter 
- Fantastic ! 
- Compared to the 12 elements beam I can decode Cubesats (FO-69, O/OREOS) now 
much earlier 
- Decoding (not hearing!) FO-69 improved from 5..7 degrees elevation to 2..3 
- Have not done any EME tests yet 
Here are the photo's: 

Btw: not sure if building is actually cheaper as buying: this antenna costed me ~90$
(but it is more fun !)

Henk, PA3GUO

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