[amsat-bb] Re: FD Mess

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Jun 27 14:42:57 PDT 2011

I am always amused by FD on the FM birds, and even more so the post-action
comments that:

1) Don't understand what 2600 FM carriers on the input of an FM repeater
2) Think that the other 2599 are LIDS and KIDS and are abusing the system
3) But they are doing it right by calling CQ with 5 watts
4) Have high expectations of making a contact
5) And then blame others when they don't.
6) Build up public expectations during demos and then fail miserably
7) etc etc...

Everyone with a license should know what "doubling" on an FM repeater sounds
like.  Now multiply that by 2600 and you should have ZERO expectation of
anyone getting through... EXCEPT those that are 10 dB closer to the
repeater, or 10 dB stronger than EVERYONE ELSE.  In space, everyone is
somewhere between 400 to 1500 miles away, so there is only a small
discrimination in range (but it does give everyone a slightly better chance
for a minute or 2).

Even if EVERYONE ran 5 watts, still absolutely no one would get through.
Even if only 10% are actually key-down for 1 second to see if they can get
in, that is still 260 signals at 5W each or about 1300 W. (continuous
horizon to horizon).

Thank goodness a few people ran enough power to overcome the input NOISE
floor and made a contact so that those of us doing RECEIVE-ONLY Demo's had
something to demo.  And to educate observers about the nature of a single
channel FM bird... and a few comments about human nature.

Having high expectations and then condemning other operators is the wrong
way to demo ham radio.  It only shows that one does not have a good
understanding of the system, of RF, and of human nature.  Everyone should
read the "Tragedy of the commons". We have known about this problem of human
nature for hundreds of years.  It's amazing how many people have to learn it
every year at FD.


Remember, the THEM is you and me.

Bob, Wb4APR

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