[amsat-bb] Linear Transponder on the ISS.

Douglas Phelps dphelps1 at ameritech.net
Mon Jun 27 11:49:45 PDT 2011

This is such an obvious question that I think there must be a reason it has not 
been done.  I would like someone to explain why it is not possible or probable.  
I am not seeking to start a flame war.

Why can't we put a SSB/CW linear transponder on the ISS?  It could run whenever 
the ISS FM station is not being used.  It could use the same antennas.  It would 
seem to be an easy way to put up another linear transponder with a good signal 
favoring stations without large antennas.  Could this be a way to bring SSB/CW 
activity to a larger audience.

I would appreciate hearing from anyone that could shed some light on this.  


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