[amsat-bb] Re: Satellite Contacts During Field Day

Joe nss at mwt.net
Mon Jun 27 09:38:12 PDT 2011

Agree,  The rules state, Stations are limited to one (1) completed QSO on any single 
channel FM satellite.

So  maybe the ARRL dhould DQ these people when they submit their logs?

I hope so.

Granted this doesn't stop someone operating just to make contacts and 
don't send in their logs for FD.

But wow it would sure make my 5A group remember that rule if after doing 
all this work (Fun) to have it listed as a DQ because of breaking that 
rule that is soo clearly stated.


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On 6/27/2011 10:51 AM, Carl Rimmer W8KRF wrote:
> I have a comment regarding FD satellite contacts.  If I remember
> correctly, it has been established that a station only make one (1)
> satellite contact during the FD period so everyone can have a chance.
> Making a contact or contacts on each of the available satellites during
> each of their passes is improper and not according to my understanding
> of the rules.

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