[amsat-bb] AO-27 schedule for Field Day

Stephen E. Belter seb at wintek.com
Thu Jun 23 19:54:18 PDT 2011

AO-27 experts:

I'm looking for confirmation that I've calculated AO-27's schedule for Field Day correctly.

Using Christopher Henry's AO-27 Satellite Schedule program, I get the following schedule for this weekend.  During FD, AO-27 will be in FM repeater mode ("analog" mode) for seven minutes starting at the following times UTC:
Saturday, June 25:  18:40:30, 20:21:19, 22:02:07, 23:42:55 UTC 
Sunday, June 26:  1:23:44, 3:04:32, 4:45:21, 6:26:09, 8:06:58, 9:47:46, 11:28:35, 13:09:23, 14:50:12, 16:31:00 UTC

Do you get similar results, either using Christopher's program or using the information on the AO-27 web site (www.ao27.org)?

Using the pass predictor on my iPad (GoSatWatch), I see some near misses, but I don't think the AO-27 transponder will be in FM analog mode while it is above our horizon in northern Indiana.  :-(

Of course, I could have made mistakes, which is why I'm asking...

73, Steve N9IP
Steve Belter

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