[amsat-bb] Re: Working FO-29

John M. Belstner jbelstner at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 19 13:32:33 PDT 2011

FO-29 performs well.  Its a shame I often find myself the only one on during the 
pass.  Just me and my downlink.

As stated by others in the past, here are a few hints.

USB always on the downlink (that means LSB on the uplink for inverting 

Use CW to find yourself quickly on the downlink.

When using computer control, unlock your TX and RX VFO's momentarily, listen to 
your downlink while adjusting your uplink.  Match the pitch of the CW downlink 
to the pitch of your local sidetone (or adjust your uplink to where your own 
voice sounds natural in SSB).  Lock your VFO's again and your ready to make 

John Belstner W9EN
Valley Center, CA  DM13le

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