[amsat-bb] W2KGY West Point on AO-51

John Papay john at papays.com
Sat Jun 18 08:34:35 PDT 2011

Those who worked W2KGY on the 2035z pass of AO-51 on 13 June
probably had a QSL card confirming the contact in their mailbox
a few days later.  KJ5HY was the operator and had no trouble hearing
everyone who called for a contact.

I was going to send for this West Point QSL card but held off
remembering that W3ADO at the Naval Academy never seemed to answer
QSL card requests, even with an SASE.  My card to West Point was in
the mail back to them the next day.  Check out their qrz.com page for
the history behind this station.  The callsign dates back to 1937.

Interestingly, W2KGY is a Military Recreation Station while W3ADO is
a club station not unlike your local radio club.  Military Recreation
Stations are not eligible for vanity call signs.

According to the FCC Rules and Regulations:
"A military recreation station license is an amateur service station 
license granted only to a person who is the license custodian 
designated by the official in charge of the United States military 
recreational premises where the station is located. The person need 
not hold an amateur operator license grant."

Thank you to KJ5HY for activating their satellite station.  Your service
to our Country is very much appreciated.  It was a honor to confirm our

John K8YSE

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